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   All of Blue Ribbon Agility's dog agility training products are made in the USA.

• Dog Agility Equipment

Blue Ribbon Agility now offers rubber coatings for all dog agility contact surfaces. Rubber contact surfaces increase traction and reduce slip related injuries.
Rubber Coatings Now Available!
Blue Ribbon now offers rubber non-slip surfaces for all contacts.

Need help choosing your equipment or laying out a "back yard" agility course?
Send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


• Looking for high quality, durable dog agility equipment? Our dog agility products are designed with strength and safety in mind. All contact equipment is constructed and welded by our highly skilled welders and craftsmen with the best quality materials available.
Dog agility dog walk available by Blue Ribbon Agility.Dog agility a-frame with rubber contact surface.Blue Ribbon's rugged fixed teeter base design.

• Need weave poles?
Blue Ribbon Agility offers a wide variety of weave poles for dog agility club and dog agility training scenarios. Club and training weave poles are available in both steel and aluminum with paint or powder coat to with stand the elements.

2 x 2 agility training weave polessteel weave pole set for club and trial articulating agility training weave pole set

• New to dog agility or need to fine tune?
We offer several agility training products such as the wobble board, articulating weave poles, and contact trainer to help you and your pup learn together! 
Dog agility training wobble board.Articulating weave poles for dog agility training.Dog agility contact trainer helps to train dogs for all types agility contacts.

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