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   All of Blue Ribbon Agility's dog agility training products are made in the USA.

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The Blue Ribbon commitment to quality. 

    The construction of quality agility equipment has many aspects to consider when producing equipment that is user friendly for both the dogs and their handlers. Making sure the equipment is safe and sturdy to accomodate a variety of size dogs is our number one priority. Our weld-built contact equipment and jumps are constructed with the dog in mind in an attempt to minimize injuries caused by the equipment. No sharp corners, excellent surface traction, and stable contacts are a few examples of our quality standards. Contacts are built to specific standards spelled out by the various governing bodies in dog agility. 
    When we started Blue Ribbon Agility, our focus on building equipment began by seeing what improvements could be made on various equipment designs and building materials already in use. We saw alot of rotten wood with splinters and soft spots and this led us to seek out a better, more weather resistant product. Our experience with pvc board as an extremely durable material in marine construction settled our minds for a primary topper on all of our contact equipment. Rusty screws and loose slats became our next target of improvement. We use both contact cement and stainless fasteners to secure slats and contact surfaces. With the contact surfaces, we took the extra step to drill and tap the aluminum frame for added strength and durability. Our slats, like the contact surfaces, are made from pvc board with glue and self tapping stainless screws securing them in place. Loose slats can cause injuries so our goal is taking the extra step to make the dogs feel comfortable and safe transversing our dog walk or a frame.
     The dog handlers must also be considered when building equipment. Being able to produce a quality product a competitive price is important to us at Blue Ribbon. We are at a price point where profit is made but the price is fair to the consumer. The equipment is constructed with mobility in mind and our thought is that it should not be too heavy to move around. Durable, lightweight aluminum is used for the framework. Our contacts can be assembled and disassembled quite easily and extra options can be added for ease of movement and storage.
     Contacts that we have established with customers and dog agility veterans has been valuable in making improvements and learning about what is important to those who use our products. Brainstorming and continuous improvement are positive ways of using consumer input and feedback. Input from handlers is always appreciated and has always been a part or our process of developing and building agility equipment and training aids. Blue Ribbon is very flexible, if someone wants something special, custom, or personalized we will work with our customer to give them what they want.
    If you are considering buying quality dog agility equipment, please consider Blue Ribbon Agility, you wont be sorry.

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