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   All of Blue Ribbon Agility's dog agility training products are made in the USA.

Contact Equipment

Blue Ribbon Agility's contact equipment is expertly crafted to the highest standards using superior quality materials. The sturdy construction consists of all welded joints and durable, lightweight aluminum extrusions. The painted non-slip surfaces are made from weather resistant, lightweight pvc board which does not splinter or rot like wood often does. Three coats of durable paint with non-slip particles allow for excellent traction. Rugged slats made from pvc are both glued and screwed into position using only stainless steel fasteners. We now offer rubber non-slip coatings on all contact equipment.


           "A" Frame                 Adjustable Teeter       Adjustable Teeter Base          
    link to agility a frame     link to agility adjustable height teeter totter     link to agility adjustable height teeter totter base 

      Aluminum Dog Walk         Fixed Base Teeter          Fixed Teeter Base
    link to aluminum agility dog walk     link to fixed base teeter totter     link to fixed height teeter totter base

       Contact Trainer         Adjustable Pause Table        Wobble Board
    link to agility contact trainer     link to easy adjust pause table     link to wobble board agility trainer

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